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Kiwo Ultimate Ink Wash

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Kiwo Ultimate Ink Wash

ULTIMATE INK WASH is an economical universal solvent mixture that provides the ultimate ink degrading power for the toughest systems. ULTIMATE INK WASH also works extremely well as an activator for KIWO's HAZE REMOVER.


ULTIMATE INK WASH is an extremely effective moderately slow evaporating solvent mixture for the removal of most screen printing inks. It is designed for manually cleaning screens prior to reclaiming. If screens are to be stored after cleaning, the remaining residue of the solvent must be washed off with water. It can also be used as a very effective activator in combination with HAZE REMOVER to remove stubborn ink stains.


Before decoating the screen, remove all ink with a scraper or spatula. Rub both sides of the screen with a soft nylon bristled brush or rag soaked in ULTIMATE INK WASH until all ink residue is completely dissolved or emulsified, and the emulsion becomes clearly visible, then rinse well with water. Should any ink residue remain on the screen, pour ULTIMATE INK WASH onto the screen and brush the screen every few minutes until the residue is dissolved. Remove the residue with a rag and rinse well with water. ULTIMATE INK WASH may attack the frame adhesive if the screen is not rinsed with water after cleaning. Keep the soaking time as short as possible and if necessary, use a protective lacquer, such as ESTELAN B700-05 to protect the adhesive. 

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