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UDC-2 Dual Cure Emulsion

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UDC-2 Dual Cure Emulsion

MAGNA/CURE® UDC-2 Dual Cure Emulsion

*For Use With Solvent, UV, and Plastisol Inks

MAGNA/CURE® UDC-2 dual cure emulsion is designed for the widest range of imaging applications.

UDC-2 provides these additional benefits:

• Excellent definition and line edge

• Blue color offers excellent contrast yet easy registration

• Highest buildup proud of mesh with low Rz values Magna/Cure®

UDC-2 direct emulsion allows screen makers to obtain remarkable image quality and exceptionally durable stencils.

For use with solvent, UV and plastisol based inks. Available in both clear and dyed formulations

Available In: Gallon, 3.5 Gallon

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