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Wilflex Black Plastisol Inks

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Wilflex Black Plastisol Inks

Wilflex™ Epic Series puts the most advanced non-phthalate ink technology to work for you. Formulated without phthalates, these inks have excellent press performance, high-speed wet-on-wet printing, a smooth satin finish, a proven technology platform and are available for a wide range of specialty products and applications. Simple to use and easy to print, Epic inks are based on well-known and time-tested formulations from our classic line of inks.

Epic Stretch Black100% cotton, cotton blends, acrylic, nylon, some synthetics - Low cure ink offering benefits of reduced shrinkage and exceptional stretch.

Epic Matte Black100% cotton, cotton blends - Wet-on-wet print black with low matte surface finish

Epic Fashion Soft Black100% cotton, cotton blends - Simulates water base. Softest hand

Epic Nylon Mesh BlackUntreated 100% nylon mesh, dazzle cloth - Excellent durability on nylon mesh and dazzle sport uniforms

Epic NuPuff Black100% cotton, cotton blends - Jet Black providing raised textured effects.

Epic One Step Nylon BlackUntreated 100% nylon (coarse deniers-backpacks,luggage to fine deniers-apparel,umbrellas) - Excellent pot life, will not dry in screen or harden in container.

Epic Performance Black - 100% polyester, polyester blends, Cotton/Poly blends,Cotton/ Lycra Blends, Spandex  

- Low cure (290F) , excellent bleed resistance, exceptional stretch for performance athletic stretch polyester and polyester blended fabrics

Epic Image Brite Black Reflective100% cotton, cotton blends - Black tinted ImageBrite reflective ink.

Epic TFX Soft Black 100% cotton, cotton blends - Transfer Black- hot split or cold peel

Epic Print Black - 100% cotton, cotton blends - Wet-on-wet print black







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