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Sold at Stanleys Branches: Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

Chromaline Screen Print Products, equipment, and supplies for the screen printing industry. See our full line of screen printing products; capillary film, transfer emulsion, screen chemicals and inkjet film. Chromaline stencil products are designed to create quality, trouble-free screens that meet the needs of today's demanding print jobs.

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Stanley's Vancouver

ChromaPress Wash ™ 470

Chroma/Press Wash 470 is a fast evaporating all-purpose press wash, with special effectiveness on UV and soldermask inks. Chroma/Press Wash 470 can be used on most inks, including plastisol, UV, lacquer-based, conventional, and vinyl.

Sold At: 
Stanley's Edmonton


Screen Reclaimer

Chroma/Strip™ is for use with direct emulsions, capillary films, and direct/indirect films. Chroma/Strip contains an oxidizer and other agents that enhance efficiency and remove residual ink films

ChromaStrip™ Features