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Kiwo Inc.
KIWO is a leading manufacturer of chemical products for screen making and specialty adhesives. We offer a complete line of screen making products including photo-emulsions, CLEANLINE for environmentally safe screen cleaning, specialty screen printable adhesives, KIWOMAT high precision coating machines and Computer-To-Screen equipment.
KIWO anticipates trends and developments, proactively developing creative PRODUCTS, CONCEPTS and service SOLUTIONS for improved productivity and profitability for our customers.
KIWO products are used in a variety of applications including textile, graphic, electronic and industrial printing.  From T-shirts to mouse pads, temporary tattoos to printed electronics, KIWO offers solutions to all your screen printing needs.

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1000 HMT is a two-component, low-viscosity frame adhesive for High Mesh Tension screens and fast drying requirements. It has excellent chemical resistance and adhesion to all commonly used screen frames. Its low viscosity makes it most suitable for finer mesh counts.