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A superior vinyl film.

Rutland Plastic Technologies

Great Inks for The Environment


Screen Printing Products

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Stanley’s Technical Support Specialists:

Digital Printing

Calgary – Graham Wachsmuth
Phone: 403.243.7722

Edmonton – Rob Presisniuk
Phone: 780.424.4141

Textile Printing

Calgary – Wendy Wenzel
Phone: 403.243.7722

Cambridge – Craig Blais
Phone: 519.620.7342

Screen Printing

Edmonton – Doug Presisniuk
Phone: 780.446.4238 

Vancouver – Howard Li
Phone: 604.873.2451


Accounting – Barb Cumby
Phone: 780.424.4141 

Customer Service – Sandy Presisniuk
Phone: 780.424.4141  

Blog Author

Calgary – Michael Best

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