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Mactac 9700 Series

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Mactac 9700 Series

MACal 9700Pro is a translucent high performance, 5-7 year outdoor film. The face is a matte finished 3-mil cadmium-free vinyl. This product is available in a wide variety of bright, consistent, uniform translucent colors. The film is coated with a durable permanent acrylic adhesive with excellent wet out characteristics for clarity. An 83# white kraft liner offers stability and layflat. The product has good dimensional stability and is designed for excellent cutting and weedability. This product is specifically designed for backlit applications. 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: MACal 9700 Pro is translucent when backlit, and opaque when not illuminated, and is manufactured in such a way to guarantee uniform colour reproduction. MACal 9700 Pro is coated with a long-life durable, highly cohesive acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, and protected with a high quality siliconized kraft paper liner.

Available In: Most Colors 24" x Single Yard to 54 Yard (164') Roll
                                         48" x Single Yard to 54 Yard (164') Roll

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