Jantex Standard Pigments

A standard line of pigments for use in a water based printing system. With over 15 colors available, this line offers a wide variety of color matching possibilities. Recommended ink loads should not exceed 8-10% of combined pigments.

DESCRIPTION Jantex water base Pigment Concentrates are manufactured to deliver deep, clean, colorfast shades in a wide variety of textile printing and drying applications. Jantex Pigments offer a wide variety of color matching possibilities and are compatible with most water base print pastes.

APPLICATION When used in one of the Jantex Base products described in this manual, Jantex Pigment Concentrates can be used from 1% to 7% to attain a broad range of clean bright shades. Products are available to assist in gaining fastness on deep shades with high pigment loads.
SUBSTRATES Depending on base used, cotton, cotton-polyester blends, cotton-rayon blends, some 100% polyester, nylons, and Lycra blends. Knit or woven fabric construction. 100% cotton terry cloth blends of knit and woven construction. Always test prior to production.
SCREEN MESH 86 to 240 Monofilament polyester.
STENCIL Water resistant emulsion or capillary films must be used or stencil breakdown will occur. It is recommended that screens be left in flooded state during pauses in printing.
MODIFIERS Use Jantex RFU Extender/Discharge Base/Eclo Clear as a carrier for regular print color. Reduce with water if needed. Jantex BondIt Pro 3 can be added for difficult fabrics requiring more fastness and abrasion resistance. Also Jantex Fixer F Extra gives additional fastness properties to the goods, however, this product needs to be added again after 12 hours as it loses its adhesion properties in the ink. It will not “set up” the ink as some resins do.
CURING Beginning recommended temperature and time is 300* F for 2-3 minutes, depending on coverage and deposit. Certain applications, formulas or choice of extender base may vary recommended time. Always test prior to production.
CLEAN UP Cleans up with water.

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