Kiwo Mesh Degreaser 1:20 Concentrate


DEGREASER 1:20 Concentrate is an economical degreaser with strong foaming action. It is free from Chlorine and phosphates, and is biodegradable. One quart of DEAGREASER 1:20 concentrate makes 5 gallons of working degreaser solution.


1:20 concentrate is a highly efficient cleaning and degreasing concentrate for printing screens. It is suitable for all mesh types and prevents pinholes and irregularities in the coating. DEGREASER 1:20 concentrate solutions emulsify dirt and grease thus making them water soluble. A strong foaming action accelerates the degreasing process and is an aid in determining when sufficient rinsing has been achieved. DEGREASER 1:20 concentrate is formulated to be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:20, but can be used in different ratios to adapt to the level of contamination.


Mix 1 part DEGREASER 1:20 concentrate into 20 parts of water. To avoid foaming pour DEGREASER 1:20 concentrate into the water, not the water into the degreaser. Squirt or spray the solution onto a wet screen following ink and emulsion removal and brush from both sides using a nylon bristle brush until the foam is distributed equally over the screen. Then rinse with water until it runs free of foam. After drying, the screen is ready to be coated. It is recommended to degrease the screens as shortly before the screen is coated as possible, to eliminate contamination of the clean screen. DEGREASER 1:20 concentrate can also be used prior to decoating or reclaiming to remove oily residues from solvents and inks.