Roland Certified Printer Technicians

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Our Printer Technicians at Stanley’s believe in commitment, and that commitment is to keeping each printer in your shop at full production capacity, this means they’re glad to take those calls for some advice when you’re running out of time on a job and your printer just isn’t running right! or if you decide it’s time to step up the capabilites at your print shop, we’re always ready with the latest from Rolands growing line of PRINTERS. These technicians are certified at Roland Academy in Irvine, Ca. and have upgraded their education as Inkjet Printers grow in capabilities and complexity. Contact a Technician/Salesman at either our Edmonton or Calgary branch concerning any Technical Advice, Roland Replacement Parts, Roland Product or Purchase.


Rob Presisniuk – Sales Manager/Technician – 20+ Years – Edmonton Branch Contact or Email

  • Rob is dedicated and focused, Making sure that every printer he sells comes with a guarantee of service. Over the years, Rob has worked very hard to learn, and keep up with, the ever improving inkjet technologies. He is among the most experienced and qualified technicians in northern Alberta. If there are any maintenance or repair questions you might have, be sure to contact our #1 source for Roland Repair!


Graham Wachsmuth – Sales/Technician –  5 Years – Calgary Branch – Contact or Email

  • Graham had been welcomed to Stanley’s for his previous screen printing knowledge, while we praise Graham as he is still an asset to our shop in those matters, we quickly found a position that sorely needed filling and Graham was equal to the task. He has taken the reins for the past few years as our digital products salesman and also applied himself to learning all aspects of inkjet printer repair and maintenance, even having made his way to Irvine, California for Rolands in-depth technician training. The response to Grahams presence in the field has been great and the positive comments have been flowing in from his appreciative customers.