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The heart of Stanley’s has and always will be in the Screen Printing Industry. We have grown with, and helped grow the industry in western Canada since 1979 and have aquired along the way several outstanding employees who have chosen to make Stanley’s their home, learn the industry and product, and now share their knowledge. These staff are available for assistance and will work hard to answer any questions you might have.


Doug Presisniuk – Screen Printing Guru – 37 Years –  Edmonton Branch – Contact or Email

  • Doug is a co-founder and vice president of Stanley’s Sign and Screen Supply, and has been actively involved in screen printing since 1979, even having taught screen printing courses at NAIT. Over the years many companies have contacted Stanley’s for technical advice, Doug has always been there to answer the call.

Wendy Wenzel – Wilflex Product Specialist – 27 Years – Calgary Branch – Contact or Email

  • Having worked with Stanley’s in our Calgary branch for so many years, Wendy has grown with the industry seeking knowledge at each new innovation. Wendy has extensive knowledge of ink mixing systems, color management and specialty ink additives centered around Wilflex Products,

Craig Blais – Textile Printing Whiz –  20+ Years – Cambridge Branch – Contact or Email

  • Craig has been active both as a printer and worked within the field for over 20 years. Craig has a very astute knowledge of the craft and has advised many production managers and start up owners over the years. His opinion on process and ink mixing systems is highly regarded.

Howard Li – Screen and Product Know-it-All – 27 Years – Richmond Branch – Contact or Email

  • Howard had started with Stanley’s at a young age and through hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn, has earned himself the position of branch manager. Howard has been known to go to great lengths to help ensure his customers are provided with everything needed, down to the last detail. Howard’s product knowldege is a great asset to Stanley’s and to its appreciated customers.