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EnviroWipe Press Wash

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EnviroWipe Press Wash

EnviroWipe® Nature’s Press Wash


ENVIROWIPE® is a soy & citrus based cleaner. It is designed for the removal of a variety of inks without attacking the emulsion. The top priority of ENVIROWIPE® is plastisol ink. This product is also an excellent cleaner for the removal of palllet and belt printers adhesive.


• Emulsion Safe

• Non Flammable

• Low odor

• Non Toxic

• High load capacity to reduce usage

• Used as a parts washer or recirculating cleaner

• Mesh safe


Always card excessive ink from screen. Use one of the following applications.

"PRESS WASH/SCREEN OPENER" Apply product on both sides of screen and then wipe or squeegee off until all residue is gone. ENVIROWIPE® works extremely well when cataloging the screen.

"RECIRCULATING WASH" ENVIROWIPE® can be continuously recirculated until product becomes too heavily soiled with solids. Used product may be filtered and reused. Dispose of used product in accordance with state, local, and federal regulations.

“ADHESIVE REMOVER” Apply ENVIROWIPE® to adhesive and allow to dwell for 30 to 90 seconds. Remove adhesive using a scraper, towel or rag.

Available Sizes: Gallon, 5 Gallon



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