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Nikkalite 48000 Series Reflective Vinyl

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Nikkalite 48000 Series Reflective Vinyl

Nikkalite™ Brand 48000 Series Flexible Engineering Grade (ELG) retro-reflective sheeting is a product manufactured for use as fleet markings, vehicle markings, stickers, decals, etc. which can be screened with multi-colored inks that will adhere very well to this sheeting. Coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive protected with an easily removable liner, this sheeting is easy to handle because of its great flexibility and is capable of giving high retroreflectivity.

Best results are obtained when applied to flat surfaces, but it can be applied successfully to corrugated surfaces. It is also used on commercial signs and various labels and highly resistant against the extremes of hot, cold, dry, and humid weathering conditions.


Nikkalite™ 48000 series retro-reflective sheeting processed and applied to Nippon Carbide Industries’ approved substrates in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, shall have a performance life of 7 years when exposed vertically. The ELG retro-reflective sheeting shall be considered as performing satisfactorily if the sign has not deteriorated, due to natural causes, to the extent that the sign is ineffective for its intended purpose when viewed from the vehicle.


Several sheets of ELG may be stacked for cutting at the same time with a guillotine cutter; however, the sheets must be cut individually when knife-cut or die-cut. Friction or sprocket driven rotary plotters, flat bed plotters or craft type cutting knives are all suitable for cutting 48000 Series materials. The material must be allowed to condition, out of its box and correctly supported, ideally in a room with an ambient temperature of 18°C to 25°C (64ºF to 77ºF).

Available In: 24" x Single Yard to 50 Yard (150') Roll*

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Stanley's Stocks The Following Colors:
48012 White*
48004 Yellow
48077 Orange
48005 Red
48046 Sky Blue
48006 Blue 
48008 Green 
48003 Black
48010 Gold   
*48012 White is also sold in 48" wide (50 Yard Master Roll Only)


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