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Stanley's SoFlat Frontlit Non-Curling Scrimless Banner

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Stanley's SoFlat Frontlit Non-Curling Scrimless Banner

Perfect for high resolution images printing, SoFlat – Frontlit features a scrimless, super smooth surface and non curling edge performance. For roll up displays, SoFlat is always the best choice. It’s printable with solvent, eco-solvent and UV printers.


- Super smooth surface makes it perfect for high resolution printing
- Scrimless banner material
- Non curling appearance at the edge
- No lamination required
- Best suited for roll-up, pop-up, X display, L display, screen scroll display, etc… 


Available in: 38" x  55 Yards(165') Roll

Please Contact For Pricing, Purchase, or Information.

Sold At: 
Stanley's Edmonton
Stanley's Vancouver
Stanley's Calgary