FDC 9404 Series print mask is a polyester mask designed to lift heat transfer films from their carrier and position them on textiles. The mask remains on the printed graphic during heat application and is removed after pressing.


Applying the print mask to the face of the printed graphic, as you would an application tape will not create enough bond to lift the printed graphic from its liner without curling and wrinkling. To properly apply the print mask follow these instructions.

1. Cut the print mask to a slightly larger size than the finished graphic

2. Remove the liner from the print mask and place the mask face down on a smooth surface with the adhesive side facing up.

3. Place the printed and weeded graphic onto the adhesive side of the print mask allowing it to make contact in the middle first and then laying down each side.

4. Starting from the center and moving out squeegee the graphic to the print mask using firm pressure and overlapping strokes.

5. Remove the print media liner from print mask covered graphic starting at one corner in a smooth continuous motion.

6. If the graphic will be stored before pressing place the print mask covered graphic onto the liner from the print mask.

7. If pressing right away transfer the print mask covered graphic to the textile and follow the print media specification for pressure, heat and dwell time.

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Available in: 20″ or 29.5″ x 50 Yard (150′) Roll

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