KiwoBond 1000 HMT Frame Adhesive

1000 HMT is a two-component, low-viscosity frame adhesive for High Mesh Tension screens and fast drying requirements. It has excellent chemical resistance and adhesion to all commonly used screen frames. Its low viscosity makes it most suitable for finer mesh counts. Drying time before can be cut away from stretcher is approximately 5 minutes.


2.1. Frame preparation Before adhering the mesh with KIWOBOND 1000 HMT, remove excessive adhesive residue from the frame with PREGAN DL, grinding or sandblasting. Be careful not to roughen the frame surface too much, as this could impair the adhesion of the adhesive. Frames should be free from oil, grease, dirt, water and solvents before applying the adhesive. Slight residues of KIWOBOND 1000 HMT, however, do not need to be removed. The surface should be even. If the frame surface is slightly uneven or has deeper grooves from sandblasting or grinding a precoat of KIWOBOND 1000 HMT with hardener can be used to even the surface.

2.2 Mixing the adhesive. Before use, mix 100 weight parts of KIWOBOND 1000 HMT with 20 weight parts of KIWODUR 1000 HMT. If no scale is at hand, mix 100 volume parts KIWOBOND 1000 HMT with 10 volume parts KIWODUR 1000 HMT. For higher solvent resistance and for precoating of the frame, the ratio of hardener can be increased. However, when increasing the amount of hardener the adhesive becomes more brittle.

2.3. Applying the adhesive Using pressure apply the adhesive with a short bristle brush or scraper-type applicator onto the bonding area of the mesh. Make sure that a sufficient amount of adhesive is worked through the mesh and obtains contact with the frame. Bubbles showing through the mesh indicate poor contact between mesh and frame.

2.4 Curing / Drying time The adhesive dries in about 3-7 minutes depending on application thickness and room temperature. After approximately 3-7 minutes the frame can be cut away from the stretching unit. After 3-4 hours the adhesive is relatively resistant to solvents and water and overlacquering or degreasing is possible. The complete chemical resistance is achieved after 24 hours.

2.5 Protective lacquers If the frames are used in automatic screen washing units or if the adhesive has prolonged contact with solvents, over lacquering with Estelan AR is recommended.