Your client ordered a sign that was supposed to read, “Catering Service”. So why does it read, “Cat vice”?

Obviously, not all transfer tapes are created equally. PerfectTear features include easy unwind, trouble-free transfer, no adhesive legging or residue. It’s the application tape you can trust to take the aggravation and mess out of sign making. Not only does it release smoothly and leave no residue, but it is created to have a clean tear, leaving no adhesive strings behind. PerfecTear is pliable and forgiving, pulling apart easily if the adhesive touches itself with no adhesive transfer. Tape rolls unwind effortlessly, complete with slit-to-order edges. And, finally, it is excellent for wet applications, as well, leaving behind no mess and with no extensive clean-up.

Get your message right the first time. Trust PerfecTear with all of your graphics transfer needs.

Available in: Widths Ranging from 2″- 48″ Wide x 300′ (ft.) 

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