The most essential tool for any screen printer. Having many substrates in today’s market does not help with white ink selections. Rutland understands the challenge and provides the finest white plastisol inks available in the industry.

Peak White – EL9050

EL9050 Peak LB White is an opaque white ink designed for applications on cotton/polyester blends. Due to its high opacity, Peak White provides excellent coverage on dark garments. The low tack formula allows printing through finer mesh counts without the need for a viscosity modifier. Peak White performs very well on both automatic and manual presses. Due to its fast flashing performance, it allows for shorter dwell times and faster production rates. Peak White can be used as an underlay or as a stand-alone white.

Snap White – EL9240

EL9240 NPT Snap White is formulated as low bleed, press-ready plastisol for printing on polyester/cotton fabrics. This product is excellent for printing through a variety of mesh ranges to give great opacity and smooth finish.

Super Poly White – EL9746

EL9746 NPT Super Poly White is formulated as a press-ready non-phthalate low bleed plastisol white for printing on 100% Polyester. NPT Super Poly White has great dye migration resistance. For severe bleeding fabrics we suggest EL0266 Barrier Base (Grey) as an under base for maximum protection against dye migration.

Spand-e-sol White – ES9003

ES NPT Spandesol inks can be printed on Lycra Spandex (Nylon Lycra) to provide good stretch and softness to the design. Colors can be created by mixing C3 Color Boosters into ES0031 NPT Clear using the C3 recipes in the M2007 Ink Mixing Software.

Rutland produces black inks for a variety of textile fabrics and specialty applications. Match your fabric type to the black ink for spectacular results.

LX Black – EH8014

EH8014 is a non-phthalate printing black that is designed to provide good printability at low cost.

Solid Black – EH8033

EH8033 is a non-phthalate printing black that is designed to provide more fiber matte down to reduce the amount of fibrillation normally associated with print blacks.

High Opacity Black – M38394

M38394 Hi Opacity Black is an opaque resulting in excellent coverage on dark garments. The tackfree formula allows printing through a range of mesh counts without the need for a viscosity modifier. Use a white underlay when printing on dark fabrics for that extra “pop” in brightness.