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ER/80 Emulsion Remover Concentrate

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ER/80 Emulsion Remover Concentrate

ER/80 is designed for removal of all photo polymer, diazo, and capillary film emulsions. ER/80 will immediately liquify and break down the emulsion. Dramatically increase the speed of the reclaim procedure. ER/80 contains proprietary detergents and boosters to increase penetrating power and performance.


• Economical

• Easy to use

• Immediately breaks down emulsion

• Low Odor

• Safe on all types of mesh

• Non-Hazardous

• Biodegradable / Drain Safe

• Super Concentrated

• Ideal for use in all Automated Reclaiming Systems (will not crystallize, coagulate, or plug nozzles)

• Ideal for use in dip tank applications

Available Sizes: Gallon


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Stanley's Edmonton
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