Nazdar 4200 Series UV Cure Ink

NAZDAR 4200 UV Screen Ink Series

Nazdar’s 4200 Series UV Screen Ink incorporates the newest formulation technology to optimize cure speed, adhesion range, ink film flexibility, print speed, and image quality. 4200 Series represents a breakthrough in providing a competitive, high quality ink that withstands some of the toughest finishing and shipping requirements in the graphics market.

Nazdar’s 4200 Series UV Screen Ink has been formulated for indoor and short-term outdoor performance on a wide range of substrates including styrene, coated paper and corrugated polypropylene substrates.


  • Coated paper/board
  • styrene
  • treated fluted polypropylene
  • treated polyester
  • most rigid and flexible vinyl
  • static cling vinyl
  • most rigid and flexible treated polyethylene

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