LUV 8000 Series Gloss Overlaminate

The Permacolor system is a series of pressure sensitive products for mounting and overlaminating in the imaging industries. Pressure sensitive Permacolor provides fast, efficient processing through cold roll lamination techniques without the need for heat, drying or messy coating operations.


The LUV 8000 Series overlaminating films are a family of intermediate pressure sensitive adhesive coated, clear overlaminating films that are available in a variety of surface finishes. These films can be laminated to photographic prints, transparencies, UV screen printed images and latex, solvent-, eco-solvent, water-based and UV inkjet prints to impart protection from abrasion, moisture and other potentially damaging effects in both indoor and outdoor environments. LUV 8000 is a gloss vinyl film coated on one side with a clear high tack acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. An easily removed white kraft liner protects the adhesive. LUV 8000 provides a uniform, high gloss surface that protects from abrasion, moisture and other potentially damaging effects. It also helps retard color fade caused by ultra violet (UV) light exposure.

Available in: 51″ or 54″ x 164′ (54Yd) Rolls

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